About ME

I'm Crystal-Lee Howley, a wife to an amazing husband, and mother to two beautiful boys! I love makeup and coffee with about the same amount of passion. Well, coffee might win. I frequently pull off no-makeup days; you don't want to add a lack of caffeine to that! Born and raised in southern California, I love hitting up local coffee spots in our hometown of Temecula, or cruising around San Diego with my family. I also have the honor of serving on the worship team of our local church.

I have a decade of makeup application experience with a focus on bridal work. What started out as retail cosmetics work became a love of makeup transformations. There's such a pleasure in making a bride feel pampered and cared for on the happiest day of her life! 

While my business has focused on bridal makeup, my passion is for teaching people that makeup is accessible and fun!  Makeup can seem so daunting, so complicated. But with the right guidance and routine, I believe everyone can have a comfortable touch of glamour every day.